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Year of the Dragon

Celebrate the most important year with us!

To celebrate the Most Auspicious Year of the Dragon, the United Republic of Obscurium is pleased to announce the following contests and events for the first half of the year.



-Joint Celebration with other Micronations on the 11th of February (Obscurian Discord Server)

-Fafner (Capital of the Free Protectorate of Flagpolis) Coat of Arms and Flag design contest.

Design a Coat of Arms and/or Flag for the Capital of Flagpolis, Fafner. No fancy digital image editing skills or drawing skills are required. A sketch of your idea would do, it will be digitalized by the Obscurian Government after the contest.




-Society of Dracology in person foundational gathering.

-Write a dragon related short story using Obscurian culture and mythology. The winning entry will be be featured in the Herald of Obscurity, in the Yearly “Book of Obscurium” (a booklet presented at micronational meetings) and on the Obscurian Website.



-Draw a dragon related picture. 12 entries will be selected to be in an official Obscurian Dragon Calendar for 2025.



-Extended from April



-Extended from April



-Create a dragon figurine. It can be made of wood, stone, plastic, paper or any other material and be carved, glued together, stuck together or made in any other way. The winner will receive a surprise gift from the German Dragon Museum Gift Shop.

The events and contests presented here are however merely what we’ve come up with so far. While these are the main contests for each month, more may follow in the months after July. There will also be many more dragon related events over the course of the year, both online and in person. Those are still being worked out and are going to announced in time. We are working together with other micronations on many of these events and would therefore welcome any ideas or wishes to work together on dragon related projects and events this year, from other micronations. Simply contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss it.

Furthermore, we wish to clarify that all the aforementioned contests and events are open to Citizens of all micronations.


If you wish to contact us on a possible joint project/event or you have any other ideas or questions, please don’t hesitate to write to


We look forward to another year of great micronational cooperation and wish you a HAPPY YEAR OF THE DRAGON!

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