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National Food

Obscurium has two different National Foods, (Thüringer) Dragon Dumplings and The Meat-Cheese Sandwich. Find out about them and how to prepare them here.

(Thüringer) Dragon Dumplings

Strictly speaking, Thüringer Dumplings are only made containing fried bread cubes. However, Obscurian Dragon Dumplings do not have any specific recipe. As long as the dumpling itself is made of something resembling potatoes, it's good. The national recommendation is to fill it with meat but that is not binding. The addition of "Thüringer" to the name was chosen due to a famous German song about Thüringer Dumplings, which inspired our national dish. 
If you'd like to make Thüringer Dragon Dumplings, according to the President's recommendations, please follow the following recipe:


Recipe for Two Portions



-1Kg of Potatoes

-Potato Starch



-Meat, Bread or any other filling you’d like to use





Peel the potatoes and then take two thirds and grate them into stripes and press and squeeze them. Catch the juice of the pressed potatoes and let the starch separate from the water. Once it is separated, dispose of the water and keep the starch for later.


Take the remaining one third of the potatoes and mush them into a thin mush with water. Add this mush to the other potatoes and then add salt and potato starch to this mass, which should have a good, thick, consistency.


It is now time to form the dumplings. Form a ball around a bit of your chosen filling. Make sure to keep your hands moist, with running water, while forming the dumpling. After this, go ahead and put the freshly formed dumplings into a pot with simmering, salt rich (1 teaspoon of salt), water. Let the water fully boil for a brief moment and then keep it simmering for about 10-15 minutes. Once the dumplings float to the surface, they are done.




Thüringer Dragon Dumplings, according to the President

Obscurian Meat-Cheese-Sandwich

The Obscurian Sandwich is the more simple and quick to make national food. Simply take some meat (e.g. salami) a slice of cheese, perhaps season it a little, take two pieces of toast (put some butter on them too if you like) and put the cheese and meat in between the toast pieces. Then either grill or bake the toast sandwich for a few minutes and your sandwich is ready! Why is this fairly ordinary dish a national food? Because it's easy to make and loved by all Citizens!

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