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8th of May 2023

The Vice President's Official Statement on the 78th Anniversary of the End of the Second World War

In Europe, on May 8th, 1945,
The forces of the Third German Reich had surrendered to the Allied Powers. The carnage and murder of 80 million people had stopped, but most importantly, the evilest force of human history had been stopped. Today, we remember and memorialize all who had been lost to that war. We remember the suffering of 6 million people based solely upon who they prayed to and where they came from. We remember the suffering of 6 million people based upon whom they loved, or what their skin colour was. We remember the conditions that we found over thousands of people in when they were liberated from Fascist occupation, but most importantly, we remember the fight to destroy the disgusting national socialist ideology. We remember the crimes of the Einsatzgruppen and SS
divisions within the USSR in 1941-43, the SS in France and the Benelux countries. The Fascist surrender marked a new beginning, a beginning in which we built a new world around a new idea – the aim to never repeat this again.
On this day, we remember the many Jewish, Homosexuals, mentally ill, Africans, Germans, Czechs, Slovaks, Polish, Belgians, Dutch, French, British, American, Yugoslavians, Russians, Bylorussians, Ukranians, Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Turkmens, Kyrgyz, Greeks, Italians, and many more peoples who had suffered under the national socialist system. Out of the many who suffered, none had suffered as much as the Jewish people and the Soviet People. The Soviet Flag would be raised over Berlin, marking the end of over 12 years of Fascist rule.

Whatever your opinion may be of the Soviet Union, it is of upmost importance that you know that this marks Europe’s liberation from fascism and ultimate tyranny.
May 8th, shall forever live in our hearts as the end of the most brutal war of all time and the liberation of millions of people from a fate worse than death itself, life under fascism.

-Andrew Franson (Vice President of the United Republic of Obscurium)

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