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Links to sites of people, organisations and institutes which we support

Special Individuals who provided us with special art 


Middle Coat of Arms/ Dragon with All seeing Eye made by Jessy BandBSketches (National Artist):

Red dragon at the top of the page made by Cody Drexel:

Holders of the Grand Cultural Award


German Dragon Museum Lindenfels:

Dragonfairy's Dragon Manufacture:

Dietz Ceremacis

Galerie Draka Trutnov

Jo Walton

Naomi Novik

Troutfish Webcomic

Andy Frazer

Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg

Joshua Wright

Syrau Dragon Cave

Other links of importance


Micro Euro Summit:

Tkd Itf Torino:

MicroCon 2023:

Museum Obscurum: (Obscurian stamp supplier):

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