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Become and Obscure Citizen!

Do you want to become a citizen of Obscurium and be a member of our glorious Nation?

If you feel like you can contribute to our project, here's how you can join: 


1.Read the Constitution of the United Republic of Obscurium


2.Fill in the Citizenship Application Form (Note that You can only acquire Obscurian citizenship if you hold less than 3 other citizenships!)


3. Please be patient (it can take up to 2 weeks after you submit your application for it to be processed.

4. We will contact you within the aformentioned 2 weeks and ask you to perform the citizenship test, to determine whether you are well enough informed about our project to join us. 

5. If you passed the test, be proud! You have just comitted yourself to participate in our glorious new nation. 

What you get as a citizen: 

-The right to participate in all elections of the United Republic of Obscurium

-The right to be elected into an official position within Obcurium's government
-The right to actively contribute to our system

-One citizenship certificate (Free)
-One ID card (Free) 
-Three Obscurian buttons (Free*)

-One Obscurian table flag (Free*)

-One official Obscurian passport (Cost: 20 Euros) 

*= Please note that while the buttosn and table flag are usually given away to citizens free of charge, we do have to charge any new citizens with the costs of shipping these items to their location which can be as high as 20 Euros!

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