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Holy Dragon

Discover one of Obscurium's latest mystical rituals.

St. George is perhaps one of the most well know Christian saints. Famous for murdering famished dragons, this dubious character has become the patron saint of countless towns, cities and countries and the subject of many statues and paintings in churches and other places. However, for those who value dragons as much as Obscurians do, such a man is naught but a menace. Indeed, with his dragon butcherings, it was determined that he has brought great imbalance to the universe. So how to counter this killing spree? By creating a counter weight. It was to this purpose that the Holy Dragon was created in June of 2023 by Zar Antonov. Inspired by the little images of saints many Christians carry around with them, Zar's drawing was printed on credit card sized cards and has since been left in numerous places for people to find. It not only serves as protection against St. George coming to murder your local dragon but is also a sort of Obscurian calling card, letting you know that an Obscurian was here. If you find one, you are encouraged to take it and either keep it for good luck or leave it in a different place, continuing the tradition. 
Cards can be obtained from the Obscurian Store.

Please note: The Holy Dragon is not meant as an insult towards the Christian faith. It is merely an artistic project.

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