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The Free Protectorate of Flagpolis became a ceremonial territory of Obscurium on the 3rd of March 2023 to celebrate our 5th Declaration Day. 
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General Information

Territorial Code: FPF

Established: 3rd of March 2023

Size: ca. 18 939 m²

Official Language: English

National Anthem: "Territorial March"

Governor: Lord Protector Jan Olav Spiekermann

Coordinates: 54°22'34.5"N 10°09'38.3"E

(Near Kiel, Germany)


What is a ceremonial territory?

The ceremonial status of Flagpolis indicates that Obscurium recognizes the sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Germany over this land and seeks in no way to infringe upon it. The claim merely exists as a celebratory act, to have a fixed place in which to conduct ceremonies and to inform people about Obscurium.

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