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Obscurium: the country you've never heard of. 

What is Obscurium?

Obscurium or the United Republic of Obscurium is a a self declared state with most of its activities taking place in northern Germany (Although our citizens are from all around the World and we currently do not claim any territory).

Our goal is to bring people together to partake in the obscure wonders of this world and to establish the best state a people could possibly want. A state truly there for its people and not one that is decieving and lying to them, like so many other states and their governments do. Our state cooperates with the people as much as possible while restricting their lifes as little as possible.

In short, we want to do a better job at governing our people than most other well established countries. 

Glory to Obscurium!

-The President of Obscurium- 
Zar Antonov

                           United Republic of Obscurium

Country Code: OBS
Founding Dat
e: 3rd of March 2018 
Citizens: 12

Denonym: Obscurian
Motto: Liberty, Unity, Obscurity

Official Language: English 

Regonized Languages: Greek, German
National Anthem: "The Thoughts are Free"

Form of State: Presidential Republic with Direct Democracy

Head of Government/State: The President of Obscurium (Zar Antonov) 

Legislature: The Parliament of Obscurium 

National Holiday: Declaration Day (3rd of March)

National Food: Thüringer Dragon Dumplings

Flower Dragon No. 2.png
Portrait 4.png
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