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Summit Schedule

19th of July-Friday

12:00-20:00= Arrival and setting up of displays 
ca. 18-19:00= Open dinner in the Castle Brewery
ca. 21:00= Short walking tour of Chyše, followed by a special presentation in the Abandoned Monastery

20th of July-Saturday

8:00-10:00= Breakfast and Conference Preparations

ca. 10:00-15:00= Presentations (with small breaks and lunch break)

17:00= Castle Brewery Tour 

18:00= Official Dinner with Award Ceremonies

ca. 21:00= Tour of the Castle Brewery Catacombs

21st of July-Sunday

8:30= Drive to Tachov and visit to the largest Riding Hall in Central Europe, as well as a tour of the impressive castle ruins next door.
ca. 15:30= Visit to Manětín and their lovely palace, on the way back to Chyše. 


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