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The signatories of this treaty (hereafter referred to as “The Signatories”), striving to distance themselves from hostile entities similar to micronations, in an effort to establish closer ties and friendship between the European micronations and wanting to eliminate micronational violence, hereby agree to the following points laid out within this charter.


Article One: Signatories

1: Any micronation which is willing to pledge to abide by this charter and agrees with the points laid in the charter may appoint a representative to formally sign this document.

2: Any Micronation willing to sign this charter must inform the charter administrator immediately upon doing so.

3: In order for any signature to be valid, it must be made on a printed version of this charter.

4: If any micronation, which has signed this charter proves to have conducted itself in a manner which constitutes a breach of one or more articles of this charter, the micronation in question will automatically be excluded from the list of signatories.

5: The charter administrator shall be appointed by the previous charter administrator until they choose to appoint a new administrator.

6: The first charter administrator shall be President Zar Antonov of the United Republic of Obscurium.


Article Two: Definition of a Micronation

1: A micronation is a group of humans, which

a) claims to be a state (macronation)

b) is not recognized as such by any other macronation

c) does not hold any lawful control (as determined by their macronation) over its claimed territory.

2: A micronation can develop towards an unrecognised state by establishing informal diplomatic relations with macronations and by increasing the control over its claimed territory in a non-violent way.

3: An unrecognised state can become a macronation by diplomatic recognition from at least one other macronation.



Article Three: Non-Micronational Entities

1: Non-Micronational entities and projects are among others

a) so called “Imperial Citizens” (Reichsbürger) and similar movements

b) Self Administrators and so called “Sovereign Citizens”, who do not recognize the sovereignty of their macronation

c) projects with a criminal, violent approach.


Article Four: Recognition of Macronational Sovereignty

1: The signatories hereby recognize the sovereignty of macronations.

2: The signatories micronations are nevertheless still allowed to seek, through peaceful, absolutely non-violent and strictly legal means, to expand their autonomy and work towards becoming autonomous, self-governing territories or even macronations in the long term.

Article Five: Definition of Hostile Entities

1: Hostile Entities are people and/or entities who

a) claim to be the government of a former/ historic, now defunct state

b) support a state founding project related to the ideas of National Socialism, Fascism, Pan-Germanism, irredentism, ultra-nationalism and other far right ideologies

c) don't accept the existence of their surrounding macronation

d) don’t accept the Two Plus Four Agreement / Treaty on the Final Settlement with Respect to Germany of 1990/9 as a peace treaty that legally ended the second world war

e) try to gain sovereignty by open confrontation and accept or even use violence to achieve their goals.

f) seek to destroy the democratic order of their surrounding macronation.


Article Six: Statement against Hostile Entities

1: The signatories condemn any and all organizations which fall into any of the above specified and similar categories.

2: The signatories are, and have never been, in no way part of any such movements and associated with them or any of their members.




Article Seven: Statement against Violence

1: The signatories shall never use violence against anyone.

2. The only exception shall be the strict rules of self-defense of the respective macronations.

3: All legal disputes shall be the responsibility of the respective macronational authorities.

4: If a signatory micronation is able to become an independent, internationally recognized macronation, they shall never enforce death penalty, torture or life imprisonment.

5: All signatories shall strictly be committed to nonviolence as a guiding principle.


Article Eight: Settlement of Disputes between Micronations

1: In keeping with the pledge of non-violence, the signatories hereby also pledge to resolve all micronational disputes, be they internal or external in a peaceful and civil manner without resorting to insults, doxxing, “cyber warfare”, acts of sabotage or similar actions.

2: If any disputes between micronations arise and the parties involved are unable to resolve it, the parties involved may ask one or more signatories of this charter, which have remained neutral regarding the dispute in question, to mediate between them.


Article Nine: Financial Policies

1: The signatories should not demand any form of monetary or financial assistance from their citizens.

2: Exceptions may lie in the creation of documents, the granting of titles, participation in events, voluntary taxation and the purchase of merchandise.

3: Under no circumstances should extortionate prices for any services be demanded.

4: The signatories shall not engage in any business that is illegal under the laws of their macronation.

5: The signatories shall not engage in fraudulent business or such affairs.

6: The signatories shall not persuade their citizens to make business investments that involve an exceptionally high risk of losing all the money invested.

7: The signatories shall have no right to pressure or coerce anyone. The maximum sanction they shall be able to impose is the removal of titles, offices and citizenship.

8: The basis of all state action in the micronational signatories shall be unconditional voluntariness, non-violence and serious, professional, honest business conduct.





Written in Kiel on the 12th of May 2022

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